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I’ve authored stories in paranormal fantasy, historical romance, and comic fantasy, with more to come.

On this website you can find my blog, free fantasy serial The Bounties of Dorn, and information on my books, released and upcoming, including first chapter excerpts on the Books page.

Current Projects: Updated: 10/27/15

Finally started work on my webcomic, which I hope to begin posting early 2016.  I’ll update later when I’m sure where that comic will land site-wise.

I’m updating my Facebook much more frequently than this page.  I thought ramble there a lot, so if you’re interested in my musings, go there.  I’ll probably only put work updates here.

Other books on the horizon are my comic fantasy, which keeps stubbornly plodding along in my imagination at its own pace, the sequel to Life on Fire (Life on Ice or Fire on Ice, depending), and a hopeful revival of poor Dorn.



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