I’m not a bodice-ripper kind of girl.  So, explaining that I’m writing a romance doesn’t go over very well, at least in my area where clothes-ripping is what’s expected of the romance genre (Midwest– down by the cornfields).  Life on Fire had some wonderfully sexy moments in it, but I decided to use the language I wanted–no throbbing or crushing required.  The love story is intertwined with a real life or death situation, and not the sole focus of the book.

Other people loved Anna & Wendrick in LOF so much I wonder if I should throw in the towel and call it a romance anyway.  But I digress.

PROPER SECRETS, a tentative title for my social romance set in a fictional Europe, has no sex, and probably no kissing.  It’s blowing minds who have never read Austen or BrontĂ«, or even a modern author writing in that style such as myself.  It’s all emotional tension with only hints at the physicality of the relationship.

In other words, no touchies!  Creating motion has been a big challenge, especially after reading some of my favorite passages in P&P to prepare my mind for the language.  Most of it is dialogue.  I flip to another page.  Dialogue.  And another.  Dialogue.  Oh crap.  Talking heads?!  So I’ve been trying to balance the idea that the dialogue is what charms people in this instance, and my preference for visual motion.

Another unexpected factor–I have gotten so used to having fantastic elements in my stories, magic, technology, inner spirit, writing a book with none of those things pushes my boundaries in a magnificent way.  That’s what this book is for me though, a boundary pusher.

To write it anyway, despite the odd looks.
To write it my way, meshing with the conventions that brought me here in the first place.      

~ by Rachel Francis on July 5, 2012.

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