Bounties of Dorn #2

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Janus Market bustled with illegal happenings, from the movement of stolen goods to the sale of ambiguous magical substances.  Dorn gave a great snort of irritation at having to venture into the seedy quarter without cracking any skulls open.  The Hidden Jem stood open just ahead.  Dorn blocked half the sunlight streaming through the door, ominous only because the triangular shadow it cast signified the arrival of the bounty hunter.

“Oh, Dorn.  How ni-ice to see you,” said Trajem from behind the log he used for a counter.

“Stow it, scalawag.  I know you can’ stand the sight o’ me.  Came for infermation,” said Dorn.  He marched up to the counter and set down two rubies, brilliant and sparkling.  Trajem’s reptilian tongue rolled out of his mouth and flopped next to the gems.  Though he never blinked anyway, the scales around his pupils were particularly unmoving.

“If you didn’t always bring me such wonders, I would probably hide from you, yes.  What do you need to know?”

“Got blasted in ther face yesterday by a wan’ o’ considerable power.  I wan’ta know who has the gonads aroun’ here to  wan’deal in high magic,” said Dorn.  Trajem’s tongue snuck closer to the rubies until Dorn slammed a dagger into the counter a hairsbreadth from the precious appendage.

“‘Tisn’t no joke, if some broke wizard’ is collection’ gold off armin’ the likes of Bowt and his kin,” said Dorn.  With a nervous chuckle, Trajem retracted his tongue and stared at Dorn, weighing something in his mind.

“What if this person didn’t have gonads?” he asked.

“Wha, like a eunuch?”

“No, like a woman,” said Trajem.  Dorn cursed so loud the gems rattled.  He pulled the dagger free and slung it into a stuffed boar hanging on the wall.

“I don’ hunt womenfolk!  Leave tha’to the guards,” said Dorn.

Trajem shrugged, “Just what I heard.  Some woman wizard’s become a new sweetheart of the Green Gnomes, they’ve been peddling her wares here in Janus.”

“Alrigh’.  You’ve earned it,” said Dorn, retrieving his dagger, and trudging out as Trajem cradled his trinkets.

~ by Rachel Francis on July 23, 2012.

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