Meet Wendrick

**Spoiler Alert – I don’t recommend reading this part if you want to be surprised about my main male character.  Reading the book first will also help in understanding some of the terms I use.**

Wendrick is in my top five favorite characters that I’ve ever discovered hiding away in my brain.  He isn’t flawless, though I think he’s handsome.  I’m a big believer in personality showing through one’s face.

So to start, Wendrick was born to colonial parents.  His mother died when he was young.  He suspects it was a medical condition they couldn’t treat at the time.  He watched his father die in an accidental Indian raid, which triggered his power, turning him into the Fire Mage featured in the novel.

At the beginning of the story, Wendrick is the last piece of his family holding on after events that happen before the book.  David, his brother, has become an unbearable asshole, and Gigi, his mother, has allowed grief to turn her inward, to mute the vitality she still possesses.  Their family is being held together by love that’s been buried under pain and loss.  The best way to describe it is that even though these three people are still together as a family, they’re all very lonely, unable to emotionally connect with one another. 

Wendrick’s power came with a lot of stigma, which you can read about in the book.  Lucky for him, he was taken in by Gigi and Leo, two Mages who had come to the Americas to fight the Blessed.  They could only shield him from some of the backlash that come from the rest of Magekind, however, and he quickly learned that he would never be accepted by the immortals as anything other than extremely dangerous.

The reason he and Anna are so attracted to each other is they have the same core of goodness, hers is just untested.  Over the centuries of his life, Wendrick could have turned into exactly what the other Mages expected, paradoxically caused by their prejudice, but he didn’t.  He held onto his family and his inner sense of right and remained a protector of humanity.  I love this about him, and so does Anna.  He would open a vein for just about anyone, other than the Blessed, maybe even some of them.

His staying true to that goodness is in large part thanks to Gigi and Leo.  They took him in as a son and never regretted it.

On to his flaws.  He is too willing to believe what people say about him, the bad stuff, not the good stuff.  This causes a lot of trouble for Anna as she tries to get close to him because he’d rather die alone than end up hurting her.  She goes about attempting to convince him that being close to people will hurt them, just part of being human especially one with gifts like his, and that he needs to let her choose to stay with him.

This leads to problems.  He sees Anna’s acceptance as ignorance because she really has no idea what he’s capable of, and she’s only twenty-two to his three hundred years.  His self image is warped by those horrible things that he believes.

That’s Wendrick in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.

~ by Rachel Francis on July 24, 2012.

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