Stick Figures to 1 Point Perspective

It’s been 51 days since I started sketching with little to no knowledge of the principles and techniques of artistically rendering anything.  Yesterday I finished inking this one-point perspective of a road going through the village of my story.  The “STORE” is flipped because I took a picture, and the shading is very minimalist because I need to practice more before I ruin a drawing by overdoing it.

It’s manga-style, so the dreamy feel to it really hit the mark.

Once again I want to credit Mark Crilley’s YouTube channel and book for his how-to-draw lessons.
Mark’s YouTube Channel

~ by Rachel Francis on November 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Stick Figures to 1 Point Perspective”

  1. Looks great. Good job, Rachel

  2. Thank you, Miss Amy. Long way to go, I'm just happy to be making progress.

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