My Muse or The Right Side of My Brain

I could get into a whole post on neuroscience, but that has so much gray area I won’t bother.  It’s a popular idea that the left side of one’s brain, dominant in most right-handed people handles the logic, and the right side of one’s brain dishes out the creativity.  This may be true for most people, but brains are like snowflakes, never two the same.  Each side of the brain can do both things, in different ways.

In going through How to Think Sideways by Holly Lisle we the students are taught to get in touch with our Muses, or the non-dominant side of our brains.  For most people it arrives as another person, sometimes an animal.  Its appearance is mostly just a way for the brains to encompass all the ideas and characteristics of a Muse.

I met my Muse during the formation of a story which I hope to finish writing someday.  He appeared as a character, black hair, black suit, pale skin.  His name is Death.  That’s right, my Muse was the character charged by God with the responsibility of death.  The Grim Reaper.  DJ, his nickname, hung around far after I’d taken notes on the story and set it aside to work on other things.  He even appeared in new things I was working on, different characters, different names, but with a small piece of his essence.

So in the midst of Holly’s course I came face to face with Death, and I had a lot of questions afterward. Was I really that emo?  Half my brain is a dude?  WTF?  So I sat down and had a talk with my other self.  It went something like this:

Rachel:  So… you’re a guy?
(DJ nods)
Rachel:  Do I secretly like women?
DJ:  You’re thinking about it too hard.
(Rachel pauses)
Rachel:  Why is my Muse the most morbid thing I can imagine?
DJ:  Death is a lot less morbid than you think.

Since then, my life with DJ has been much easier.  The creative process itself is smooth sailing as long as I remember to let him pitch in.  He’s almost always ready with an answer to my creative problems or willing to work on it.

And he always keeps things in perspective.  If I’m not going to be thinking about that little worry when I face Death, it’s probably not that important.

~ by Rachel Francis on December 19, 2012.

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