Cover Reveal: Proper Secrets


The final edit of Proper Secrets is nearly finished and I’ve moved on to parts of the publishing phase.  I’ll update this post with a release date as soon as I can be sure.  It will be released on Kindle first, and then through CreateSpace as soon as I jump through the extra hoops necessary to put it in print.

On to the fun stuff.

“What’s your book about?”  I guarantee that most authors, unless they’ve been on panels already to explain the title you’re asking about, will give you a blank look at first.  This is the single worst question I can get, not because I don’t know, but because it’s personal and I don’t want you to look at me like I’m stupid.

“Why the hell did you write that?” is not something an author wants to hear.  Now that I’m at my keyboard with time before me  and no one waiting for my response, I’ll answer.

Proper Secrets is a love story set in an alternate Europe akin to the Regency England period.  Truth and consequences are central to the book, for good and for worse.  Emily Worthing, the main character, is a strong-minded, practical country lady, determined to stay unwed and keep her independence.  When the Wingraves move into Reddester Hall, Emily and the rest of the Worthings are challenged to keep their principles as day by day they grow to love a family that won’t allow anyone close enough to find out their true purpose.
It takes no time at all for the Wingraves’ troubles to follow them to Tripton in the form of Jude Annesley, a disowned man rife with depravity and disorder.  Unable to fool Emily with false charm, Jude plots a course of revenge that will strip away all pretense, leaving no secret intact.

Look for PROPER SECRETS in late January or early February on Kindle.

~ by Rachel Francis on January 11, 2013.

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