Bounties of Dorn # 14 – The Sun Wand

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“S’not tha’ funny, ya oaf,” said Dorn as Jexer slapped his knees and doubled over with mirth.

“She blew you straight into the street!” howled the minotaur, “Heard it from the apple man!”  Dorn frowned even deeper and shut the door to his tunnels behind him.

“If the apple man paid more attention to his produce instead of nasty gossip, I wouldn’ have to track dow’ so many thieves!”  He trudged away muttering about ungrateful apprentices and treacherous maidens.  Jexer followed, raising his three nostrils to the fresh air and inhaling.

“It’s too good of a morning to be cross, Dorn.  Where are we going?”

“I’m goin’ out into the woods.  Ye can go wherever ya please.”  Jexer grinned.  He’d never seen Dorn so ruffled.  The bounty hunter didn’t even wave to people as they passed to the edge of the city, his expression forcing several citizens to cross the street.

Clumps of grass began popping up in the road, until they walked solely on a green layer of long fronds.  The trees got bigger, and more variant in hue, from burnt orange to lavender.  Walking through the deep forest was like taking a stroll under a pane of stained glass; the leaves gave their own brilliance to the filtered sunlight.

Eventually, Dorn picked a patch of flowers, Musical Geraniums, to kneel beside.  A green funnel leaf, attached to each bunch of colorful blooms, directed air into a tube and through the flower itself, producing soft whistling tones that perfectly mimicked different songbirds in the area depending on the strength of the wind.  That day the wind was but a whisper and only peanut-sized Flits were disturbed as Dorn shuffled to the bottom of the growth to find a young plant for his trial.  He cleared a bright green set of buds and whisked a wand out of his pocket.  Jexer leaned over him in fascination, his shadow darkening the entire flower patch.

Dorn frowned up at him, and Jexer chuckled before getting on all fours to see.  Gold streams of something Jexer couldn’t identify interrupted the smooth wood of the wand, swirling so easily he could have believed they were still moving.  His tail twitched in anticipation as Dorn held the wand like a delicate instrument, coaxing just a drizzle of light to fall on the buds.  One by one they opened into pink-purple blossoms, and the base widened, sprouting new stalks.  The geraniums caught the wind and whistled merrily.

“That’s pretty amazin’, Dorn.  Not sure it’s worth three pounds of gems, but… if you’re that into gardening and whatnot,” said Jexer.  The bounty hunter gave an annoyed huff.

“Magical sunligh’, calf.  Don’ ya know anythin’?”  Jexer blinked and grimaced.

“Sunlight is kinda everywhere.  I don’t see the draw.”

“Do you thin’ those potion pixies woulda needed to hide so many plants if they had one ‘o’ these?” asked Dorn, his eyebrow fold scrunching up in disapproval.

“No…” answered Jex, dismayed at his thoughtlessness.

“And tha’s not all.  Take this, carefully, poin’ it at the sky, and do wha’ I did,” said Dorn.  Jexer did as he was told, but not without a touch of smarm.  He waved it nonchalantly at the canopy and focused on the magical object.  A burst of light larger than he was exploded from the wand, shoving him into the forest floor until the wand slipped out of his grip.  When Jexer could see again, the canopy above him was no more.  Ashy embers at the edges of a large circle in the leaves crinkled and smoked.

“Prolly jus’ scared half the birds out ‘o’ their wits.  A sun wan’ cannoh be controlled by yer average person.  Unless you inten’ to do tha’ to everythin’ ya poin’ it at, I suggest not touching it anymore, and havin’ some respec’,” said Dorn, retrieving the wand.  Jexer manually shut his mouth, and got up to follow Dorn home.

~ by Rachel Francis on May 28, 2013.

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